Scanning 5600 AES/XPS Multi-technique System (PHI, USA)

Our scanning 5600 AES/XPS system (PHI, USA) is a state-of-the-art analytical tool for chemical analysis of any solid material, ranging from Li to U. It can determine the chemical composition of surfaces not only by their atomic content but also by the chemical bonding of the surface atoms.

It is equipped with an electron gun with a minimum spot size of less than 100 nm, an X-ray source (Al Kaanode, 1486.6 eV) and a common hemispherical analyzer characterized by a very good transmission and an excellent resolution. Both electron exciting sources are focused on the same probed area. This provides an unique possibility for multiple analysis of the same spot on the sample by using the advantages of each technique: high lateral resolution of AES and sensitivity to chemical environment of XPS. Both techniques are surface sensitive and probe a few monolayers of the surface only. Depth information is possible dew to Ar+ ion sputtering combined with AES/XPS analysis. Spatial distribution of surface atoms can be obtained from line scans and surface mapping.


The main analysis modes are:

AES/XPS qualitative and quantitative surface analysis at low, intermediate and high resolution.  Curve fitting for chemical compounds determination after XPS measurements. Valence band spectra measurements (XPS only).
Depth profiling up to a maximum thickness of ~ 0.5-1 mm.Post processing of data allows excellent quantification in the cases of (a) changing in chemical activity, like in graphite-carbide transition or (b) peak overlapping especially in such materials as TiN, Cu in Al, etc. The use of Zalar RotationTM or/and a low take-off angle provides high depth resolution of up to 1 nm.
Line scans and compositional maps of surfaces combined with SEM imaging.
Angle resolved XPS measurements (ARXPS) for undestructive profiling of surfaces up to ~10 nm depth.

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